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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day. let's start talking about them, "right this minute." a giant aquarium breaks at a mall releasing -- >> many live sharks. >> why the terrifying scene is something out of "titanic" and "jaws." >> oh, heck no! another shopping center is the target of a tornado. >> looks like this walgreens is going to be ripped in half. >> why people inside were stunned at what happened outside. it's the racing circuit where wrecking is -- >> the main event. >> see why the worst the crash, the better the score. plus, hangover cures from soup to pickled ginger for when
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you're pickled. and taylor swift sings about never, ever getting back together. now meet stalker girl who says -- ♪ we are never, ever, ever going to break up ♪ >> her ability to not blink also makes it extra scary. an ordinary day at a shopping center in shanghai, china, until this. >> whew! >> that is a 33-ton aquarium in the shopping center bursting. the aquarium is home to many live sharks. >> oh, heck no! >> this thing is only a few years old, and it's become quite an attraction, because people come and watch the divers feed these sharks. when this thing cracked, 15 people were injured. most because of the broken glass, but there was a guy taking a picture and other people standing right close by when this glass broke and this water came rushing. this thing was pretty sizable.
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22 feet long, 9 feet high. you can see in this video some of the damage that was caused. people were just washed away, rushed away by these waters. and you see some of the sharks. i feel bad. >> still flapping. look, the sharks are still moving. look atthem. >> yeah. three lemon sharks died in smalt didn't make it from this accident. >> do you know what caused the weakness of the structure? why this thing would just collapse like this? >> right now local police are investigating, but there's no clear answer as of yet, but some are speculating maybe a drop in temperature could have led to something like this? but right now it's all a guessing game. fortunately, nobody was killed. the back from the front, the opposite, is where we got someone in the bushes. >> this is aerial video from the uk. that white hot spot you see in
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the middle of the screen is a woman that was washed away from her 4x4 that was trying to cross a flooded river. when police arrived, they saw a man and his son on top of the vehicle, but the woman had been washed downstream. the father and son were rescued by a nearby farmer. rescue crews had to use this heat-seeking camera to find where the woman was. it's hard to tell, but she's clenching to a branch in the middle of these floodwaters while the helicopter keeps an eye on her, and guides a rescue boat down river to pick her up. >> it's amazing. she was washed away by floodwaters and was able to end up grabbing something and holding on to it until rescuers got there. >> clinging for about an hour. rescuers, you see here, able to get her in the boat. she survived and was okay. imagine the helicopter once it located where she was, sort of just hung out in the air. >> yeah. just being those eyes in the air was key to this woman's survival, and to give you an
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idea of the scope of this flooding in the uk, take a look at some of this other video. >> probably just a good idea to stay on the other side. wait until things calm down. find somewhere to go. don't risk it, because your car's not made to go through that much water. the humane society of the unite went under cover at a wheatland, wyoming pig farm, and what they uncovered resulted in nine arrests. now, i want to warn you, this video i'm about to show you has some very disturbing images. this video was taken at wyoming premium farm. filthy conditions, neglect. pigs in tiny cages where they don't have room to move around for weeks on end. now, this plant supplies big-name companies. >> oh, this is so heartbreaking. >> this sow has a broken leg and watch what somebody does. they put pressure on that broken
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limb, even though that pig is having a hard time walking. as you can see there, they're throwing pigs around. he's treating that pig like a rag doll. tossing them around like they're sacks is of flour. this video was secretly recorded in april, and was released in may, caused a lot of controversy, as i'm sure everyone would expect, but recently nine people were arrested on animal cruelty charges. dr. jason hawker is with the anbc. they have taken over the management of the farm, and they issued a statement saying they are committed to ensuring that swine health and welfare are adequately provided for every day. >> there's no reason to act the way that they did. >> yeah. they are being raised for human consumption, but they still don't deserve to be abused. >> they deserve respect. >> they're going to nourish our bodies. >> the nine people who have been charged in this case have reportedly been fired.
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people convicted of animal cruelty in wyoming in this case could face up to two years in priz. prison or a $5,000 fine or both. a winter storm rips through the southeast on christmas day. you can imagine, videos started showing up all over the internet. officials say that a tornado touched down five times in mobile, alabama. >> oh, lord. look there. >> you can see from this video that this is a city scape. i mean, this woman looks like she's a few floors up above a parking garage. >> she's a distance away from the tornado, but it's still terrifying. >> it's one thing to see these big funnel clouds in some cornfield, but people are shooting these videos from apartment buildings or their homes or residences. >> this storm did damage houses, high schools, a walgreens. in fact, we have video from the surveillance camera the a the walgreens in mobile. watch this as the tornado blows through. >> look at all that stuff that's just being tossed around.
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>> cars, debris. you can see the force of the wind. >> we've got a couple of different angles of surveillance footage. you see the rain. you see the wind. people running for cover. people running in to the walgreens to take cover. >> you can even see the wind forcing its way through the door blowing things off the shelves. >> according to reports, this tornado touches downed aaron 5:00 p.m. on the evening of christmas day. you can imagine. people were with their families. >> dear, jesus, please keep your hands on my family. >> people already on cleanup duty in the high school. luckily, nobody was in the school. they were on christmas break. >> i don't know what we're going to do with the kid when they come back. this is a dangerous situation. >> you can imagine, thousands left without power as a result of this storm. >> speechless, how much damage there was. >> oh, lord. look at that tornado, honey. two people at the store decided to pick a fight with the clerk. >> they seem to be getting into it quite a bit. the clerk's a pretty big guy.
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>> and it's about to get interesting. see what happens when the standoff turns into a takedown. and, a dog who really loves his helicopter. >> he is fascinated. >> i've had a couple of those helicopters, and i react the same wa
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a convenient store clerk in new smerm ma beach, florida, didn't have a chance when a couple of people ganged up on him. the guy in the t shirt picked a fight with the clerk on the right. they seem to be getting into it. the clerk's a pretty big guy, too. >> yeah, but the guy with the dark red shirt gets up in this face and as he's in the middle of this verbal argument with the guy, this woman in the pink shirt takes the opportunity and jumps over the counter as the guy throws the clerk down to the ground. she immediately goes behind the counter, takes the cash box and out the door they go. in total, police are looking for
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five people, even though we only see two in this video. the other suspects were outside in the car waiting as they fled. they really had that pretty planned out. >> you can tell they talked about what to do beforehand. it wasn't like they went in there and all hell broke loose. 234e had a plan. >> pretty coordinated. looks like they may have done this before. the girl suspect seems to know about what time she needs to gump ever jump up over the counter. this guy didn't have a chance. i don't see weapons in the video and the report doesn't talk about weapons. the two didn't have a chance. >> i don't think he was expecting the woman to be involved at all. he doesn't have the woman in his eye. >> if you notice, she's inches over and the guy's not paying her any attention. these two guy, were they just customers? >> the two who happen to be in the store, just customers coming in on the middle of a robbery. >> like, who do tu help? >> witnesses now. maybe they'll be the ones who help find the guy.
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i have found the perfect dog for nick calderone, because this dog, like nick, loves the helicopter. >> oh! >> oh, boy. >> i don't know if he's trying to climb on the helicopter. he's got, like, some kind of contraption on. maybe he wants to paraglide out of that thing. i don't know. but he is fascinated. >> but not going after it. he's not trying to snap it out of the air, which is good. >> watch what happens when it lands. as you can see, that's pretty much his interest. just wants to sniff it. once it's up in the air again -- >> i've had a couple of those helicopters, and i react the same way. they're a lot of fun to watch. >> he's definitely more fascinated by it than wanting to eat it. >> yeah. >> now, this puppy is the centerpiece and the centerpiece of attention. >> dudley, my acrobatic puppy.
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>> how is that thing not tipping over? >> clearly this dog ought to be working for the circus, because he can maintain this pose and not tip it over. eventually it does, but i'm pretty impressed by dudley. >> really embarrassing. put me -- ah, dudley. youtubers across the land like to make fan videos or tribute videos for their favorite famous people, musicians. this one, a little bit creepy. ♪ i remember when you met me the first time but i knew all about you already because i followaled you around and then you see i learned every detail of your life ♪ >> you might recognize this gal. this is lana from the overly attached girlfriend internet that was wildly popular. this time she's got a bit of a taylor swift tribute fan video to the tune of "we are never ever getting back together." ♪ i'm never, ever getting back
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together ♪ >> except she's really going to stay with this guy. ♪ we are never, ever, ever going to break up ♪ and we are never, ever, ever going to break up ♪ >> her lyrics are good. i've got to the say, her ability to not blink also makes this extra scary. >> so he calls me up, he's like, i got a restraining order. i'm like -- i'm just -- as if that would keep us apart? like, we are never going to break up. like ever. >> i can't figure out if she's doing something smart by developing this character or completely ruining her life. >> you don't want to break up either. right? >> to see the entire video, head to and click on best of rtm. she is a tiny toddler with a big love for a certain tv show. see all about it. see her favorite tv show next "right this minute." and still to come, this kid
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is making tweet music with the washing machine. >> his hands start moving a mile a minute. >> he's figured it ut 0. >> see how he drops a beat. and willing to do something. >> i can't get -- i will do something! >> but it's their story that's doing something on the web. >> somebody hosted that. these guys are acting out videos written by an autistic brother. >> we've got the real stor
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time for some backyard stunts. >> oh, no. >> oh, yeah. this guy looks like he's putting a ladder on the back of his crappy old car, also looks like they have a ton of crappy old cars at their disposal. some sort of junkyard. a beard, and time to -- a red sedan. >> at least it's korean. we don't have the those here in america. >> a car run. >> i know. everybody's getting ready to enjoy the event. revs it up, goes speeding towards what was on the back of the turn, which turns out to be a ramp. trying to get air so much as trying to get it to roll. they trashed the car. the goal. i love the precautions they take, which seem to be -- hmm -- none. they take out all the windows of the car. if you look closely, they
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strapped the doors of the car closed. >> it looks like it has a sports -- >> maybe give him a little more control, a little more safety. >> protect his neck? >> i'm impressed how nice the car looks on the inside. >> there it is isn't slow motion. ♪ >> beauty of the day, after this big rollover -- still runs. this next video is trending big time on youtube. i think you'll see why. i've got to say, it's pretty mesmerizing. >> starts out with a pretty young kid, looks like a grade school kid making a beat on a washing machine. pretty simple at first, but then watch what happens. his hands start moving a mile a minute. it sounds like there's ten people with ten different kinds of drums all in a room, but it's
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all him just on a washing machine. >> he could be the nest incarnation of "stomp." >> kind of feels like i should be watching "the lion king," like a big budget disney movie. >> or the entire percussion of a marching band. that's what it sounds like. >> i hope santa brought this kid a drum set. >> he doesn't need one. >> one part he reaches into the washing machine. >> imagine being somewhere in the house and thinking, geez, did i throw a sneaker in the washer accidentally? come running downstairs and see your son tapping away. >> i think the best would be his mom coming in -- >> i got to get out of here. there's no other tap. i see for this guy than becoming an amazing rocker. >> he do that with a washing machine? imagine if he gets some sticks and ap real set? sometimes you need something done around the house. you need some professional help. right? >> uh-huh. >> i do not recommend derek and dale. >> right here, folk, we're doing something. we will come to your house and we will do something. okay?
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>> d & d doingings are willing to do -- something"something" ar house. >> 18 -- >> five minutes. >> yes. >> five minutes. we'll give you two of those. >> portablefor -- those were all affordable prices for whatever they were going to do. >> like climbing a ladder. >> i don't know if i could trust them. if i need something done, i'd call them. >> i can't guarantee i'll do it, but i guarantee i'll do something. >> written out by an autistic brother. we tacted derek and dale, stage names. they say they do not have an autistic brother. they just did this for fun. >> weird how things can start on the internet and people will believe it. >> call today. ? this little fella believes that
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actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. it's safe to say we've all seen those videos over the uk were people are driving down the country road and have to stop for all the sheep. >> yeah. >> i don't think this is the uk, but i think it's somewhere in europe. >> ah -- whoa. my goodness. >> that is a herd of sheep. >> it looks like a river.
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it looks like you're sitting in a river the sheep. >> sheep river. wool river. these people think there are about 1,000 sheep in this flock going by on a road somewhere in a forest. it was summer when they filmed this and these sheep just got in the way. all you could do was wait. >> at least the car got a nice -- all these sheep going by with the wool. cleaned the car off good. >> these couple of sheep have stopped. like, hey -- what's -- oh. just keep moving. >> you don't see anybody, like, herding them or anybody pointing them in the right direction. it's just, hey, they're going down this road. so mom tells her kid to wake pajamas and do this dance. if he does all this, it's going to snow. and then it snowed, and this is his reaction. ♪
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>> holy [ expletive]. >> oh, boy! >> i don't think mom expected that. >> but there really is no better word that moment than the s word! >> holy [ expletive]. >> like, his mind is so blown right now. he can see his hands are like in the air, and he's like -- holy [ expletive]. >> if i'm that kid's parents, i'm a little proud right now. >> you'd be proud, until the kindergarten teacher called on the first day of school and said, little nicky has a language problem. >> holy [ expletive]. >> i just love his genuine excitement and that amazing ability to make it snow. he did it. >> holy [ expletive]! holy [ expletive]! holy [ expletive]! new year's eve is almost here and a lot of people like to get their drink on to ring in the new year and with that comes
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hangovers. >> yeah. >> luckily there are hangover cures all over the internet. this sounds disgusting. the comments underneath say that this really works. >> yeah. >> crack an egg into freshly squeezed orange juice. >> ooh. >> and suck the glass down. of course, you have to whisk the egg a bit. they say this will work in about half an hour. you're going to feel better. >> people swarp ear it, woulds. >> and it actually tastes very nice. >> we come up lip-of--oactually recipe for onion soup. >> a tasty dish, onion soup. >> i think soup just makes you feel good, regard lds. >> i agree. for your post-partying ailing, drink hot ginger tea. >> hot jink ginger tea or honey.
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or eat a pickle and drink the pickle juice. >> one thing in common. liquid. hydration. rehydrate your brain. that's all it is. there are times you're willing to try anything, though. that's for sure. >> yep. if you want to see all of these hangover remedy recipes, we'll put them on our website, all you have to do is click on the best of "rtm" and we'd love to hear your hangover cures. go to our facebook page, post them there are for us. you may end up op our
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